About World Languages

Languages Available:

     Arabic I-II                Italian I-IV

     French I-IV               Japanese I-III

     German I-II              Spanish I-IV
     **Independent study in a foreign language (L959) is offered by individual appointment.

The offerings for this group seek to promote students' intercultural and international understanding. A student receives College Studies credit for only two offerings within this distribution group.* Students may choose World Language courses or study a region and understand its cultures in the Area Studies courses. Students planning to study abroad should consult early with their advisors about how best to prepare in terms of the courses in this category.

Students may take two sequenced World Language courses, or take one course in World Languages and one course in Area Studies, or take two courses in Area Studies. Students must take consecutive levels of the same language to satisfy the World Languages requirements; for example, a student cannot take Spanish I and French I.

An exception to the sequencing rule can be given if:
  • a student places into a higher-level language course (e.g. German 201) and no course at a more advanced level is routinely offered at the university. In these instances, a student will be allowed to take different language courses at different levels (e.g. German 201 and French 101).
  • a student takes a 101-level course and no 201-level course is routinely offered. In these instance, a student will be able to take different language courses at the 101 level (e.g. Chinese 101 and Spanish 101).

Students who are unsure about which level of language course they should register for can schedule a diagnostic assessment with a language instructor. If you studied a language in high school, please use the following guidelines to determine which college-level courses to take:

  • No previous study, or one (1) year of a foreign language: 101 course
  • Two -four (2-4) years of study: 201 course

There will be an in-class assessment at the beginning of the semester to make sure that students are placed appropriately. The language program reserves the right to decide on students’ placement at this stage.

Because the College Studies program serves to broaden a student's global perspective, students who are native speakers of one of the languages presently offered must study a different language or take Area Studies courses to fulfill this category.

Challenge exams in a foreign language can only be taken for those courses presently offered at the University.

*Engineering students take one Area Studies/ World Languages class, and so only need one semester of a language class at any level.

Study Abroad:
Students planning to study abroad should plan to take at least one semester of the language of their destination country before departure. It is best to study the language as close as possible to the semester you will be spending abroad. For more information, contact the Study Abroad office.

Learning and Advising Center
Peer tutors for languages are available at the Learning and Advising Center. Tutors can help with grammar and content as well as conversation. To make an appointment to see a tutor, contact the Learning and Advising Center.