Kanbar College of Design, Engineering & Commerce

Core Features

Career Kickstarter
Kickstart your career with PhilaU’s Innovation MBA – a flexible program that allows students to start throughout the year and study on a full-time or part-time basis during late afternoons and evenings.  Recent graduates and advancing professionals can make a career leap with this degree including preparing for CPA or CFA certification. Built into the program are core components to give you an edge: top internships that deepen your experience, a global immersion trip to China, Europe or India, and professional networking opportunities throughout the program. Attending full-time you will have your MBA in as little as 12 months, or you can combine your MBA with a job and earn your degree in 24 months. Admissions are rolling and new students can join at the start of each term.

Little i, Big Innovation
While innovation has become a constant in today’s world, many MBA programs still follow 20th century models. PhilaU is home to innovation where we’ve made innovative thinking a core competency and a decision-making tool. Our students learn to look at what exists, identify problems and opportunities and map a pathway to make a new and more valuable reality for their businesses, organizations and companies. We teach innovation across our university in engineering, health, architecture, the liberal arts – and business. So we are training the innovative accountants, marketers, investment bankers, financial planners, and managers. The PhilaU iMBA is your specialty plus innovative training that will make you a leader in your field. 

The DEC Experience – Unlike Any Other
Attend classes in one of the most exciting new learning environments in Philadelphia – PhilaU’s Kanbar College of Design, Engineering and Commerce. The College’s setting, a 38,500 square foot LEED building, has been designed specifically for brainstorming, teamwork and industry collaboration. The building’s design reinforces PhilaU’s signature integrated curriculum that pushes students to think beyond the boundaries of existing disciplines, break down traditional silos, and focus on creating valuable, feasible and marketable ideas, systems, products and services.

Guaranteed Global Edge
Understanding the global marketplace is essential. iMBA students gain a global edge through courses and firsthand experience. Core courses include Global Finance & Economics, Global Product Development and our signature International Business Innovation Trip course through which students and faculty have the opportunity to immerse themselves in cultural differences and global business innovations in ways that cannot be accomplished in a classroom. The location of course trips varies year-to-year and includes destinations such as China, Europe or India.


Specialty Tracks & Core Courses
PhilaU’s iMBA has five specialty tracks including Marketing, Management, Accounting/CPA, Finance/Certified Financial Analyst, and General Business. The CPA and CFA tracks include expert external preparation for certification exams. Each track builds on the iMBA’s core innovation-focus courses such as Business Models Development, Management Concepts, Managing Innovative People and Teams, Qualitative and Quantitate Marketing Research, Global Finance & Economics, Global Product Development and a Career Jumpstart Internship. Prior to starting the program, students without an undergraduate business degree take 9-credit hours of foundation coursework online.