Kanbar College of Design, Engineering & Commerce

About the Program


The Animation Program at Philadelphia University connects students to the animation industry. The program offers a thorough understanding of the fundamentals and to cutting-edge tools and techniques. Graduates of the program will be equipped for leading creative roles in film, television, visual effects, and video games.

First-year students are immediately immersed in the Philadelphia University design community, taking classes with graphic designers, interactive designers, fashion designers, and architects. Second-year Animation students learn production and storytelling while improving design and communication skills in classes covering typography, hierarchy, and image-making.

Third-year students learn essential 3D filmmaking using industry standard software, to design, model, and animate compelling 3D characters and environments. They use 3D imagery in their study of motion graphics, combining type, video, and 2D imagery to create uniquely designed visual narratives. Animation studies are in- fused with the principles of animation design and regular screenings of historic and contemporary examples.

Animation students may focus on areas of interest through electives in video production, photography, illustration, and gaming. Additionally, students may supplement their education through internships, design job fairs, study abroad opportunities, and memberships in professional organizations.

Fourth-year animators explore advanced 3D and 2D studies as they plan and implement a short film. Encompassing every phase of production, this film serves as the capstone to their animation education. At the end of the year, students publicly exhibit their film alongside the work of their fellow design colleagues.


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