Kanbar College of Design, Engineering & Commerce


Accounting Concentration

If your goal is to pursue a lucrative and challenging career in public accounting or play a vital role in the financial management of a corporate or nonprofit organization, our accounting concentration is an ideal place to begin. Our graduates have secured positions in institutions such as Federal Reserve Bank, Ernst & Young, KPMG, PwC, GE, Verizon, and IRS. You can also establish a solid foundation to pursue graduate studies in business or law, or to prepare for professional designations such as CPA or CFA.

Our faculty members hold advanced degrees and certifications, and most bring extensive professional experience to the classroom. Small class sizes provide a supportive learning environment and students receive individual help in charting their academic and professional careers. Students enrich their academic experiences through participation in internships (many paid), accounting association and more.

By staying for one additional year, qualified accounting students can complete our innovative iMBA degree and at the same time prepare to either sit for the CPA exam or the Level 1 Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exam. Many students receive scholarships to complete a CPA or CFA preparation course and to pay for exam expenses. Learn more about scholarships and opportunities in our iMBA-CPA and iMBA-CFA programs. 


Finance Concentration

If you imagine yourself brokering million-dollar real estate deals, working in the exciting environment of Wall Street, or guiding your corporation through critical financial decisions, the finance concentration will give you a solid foundation on which to build. Working for prestigious firms such as General Electric, JP Morgan Chase, Lockheed Martin, and Vanguard, our graduates have gone on to successful careers in securities analysis, portfolio management, financial planning, banking, and corporate and public sector finance. Others go on to establish their own businesses or pursue graduate studies in business or law.

Our faculty of practicing professionals and academic scholars incorporates real world finance experience, state-of-the-art research, and innovative pedagogy in the classroom, and small class sizes encourage meaningful interaction among faculty and students. Students have the opportunity to network with finance industry professionals through organized corporate visits, industry-sponsored projects, and participation in our Student Management Investment Fund. Finance students study abroad in many countries including Australia, Thailand and England, and most acquire professional work experience before graduation.

By staying for one additional year, qualified finance students can complete our innovative iMBA degree and at the same time prepare to sit for the Level 1 Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exam. The CFA designation is considered the gold standard of the investment management field and gives graduates a distinct advantage in the job market. Many students receive scholarships to complete a CFA preparation course and to pay for exam expenses. Learn more about scholarships and opportunities in the iMBA-CFA.


International Business Concentration

For entrepreneurial thinkers who want to pursue dynamic careers in business with multinational companies and organizations such as Aramark, Citibank, Commerce Bank, Merril Lynch, and the General Services Administration, our International Business concentration is the perfect place to start. In the program, you will cultivate a comprehensive understanding of cultural differences in a specific business discipline, giving you a global edge in an increasingly international marketplace. Our graduates have gone on to become leaders in their fields, accepting challenging positions in large firms or starting up their own businesses.

As an International Business major, you’ll choose a second concentration in finance, marketing, management or accounting, and study another language and culture through coursework on campus as well as in a foreign country. You will travel to places like Paris, Madrid and Rome as well as Vietnam, Chile and Poland to study and experience the cultural immersion necessary to excel in your field. If you are proficient in the second language, you can choose to pursue an internship during your semester abroad and gain exceptional professional experience that will give you a distinct advantage in the job market.

Our faculty members have experience in a in a variety of global industries, with expert knowledge in running small and large businesses. As advisors, they are able to help you develop networking opportunities with their current and past employers and colleagues, and they bring real-world experience to the classroom.


Management: Leadership and Innovation in Organizations Concentration

 Begin your academic career with our management concentration if you want to gain a distinct advantage in the global marketplace and to secure a challenging leadership role in an internationally recognized company or institution such as Disney, QVC, Comcast, Verizon, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, just to name a few. At Philadelphia University, our faculty of seasoned industry professionals will teach you how to balance the challenges of managing and leading innovation while you acquire versatile, valuable expertise in teamwork, professional communication, change management, human resources, and problem-solving. You will gain the skills to help you create and foster innovation and growth, which will make you an invaluable asset to your company and help you to succeed and thrive in every aspect of your career.

Students in the management concentration travel to Australia, Italy, and the United Kingdom to study abroad; we emphasize cultural immersion to give you the sophistication and global perspective that top employers seek. In addition, students minor in a second business or non-business area such as marketing, fashion, finance, international business, design and more to learn how to apply their knowledge to other disciplines and industries. Many of our students acquire a paid internship and professional work experience before graduation. Our alumni excel in a variety of fields, including retail, banking and finance, insurance, global manufacturing, service firms and public agencies, while many graduates start their own businesses.


Marketing: Consumer Insight and Innovation Concentration

If you are interested in the rapidly growing, exciting environment of marketing and advertising, you will need the type of global edge and in-demand skills that our marketing concentration offers. Like many graduates of our program, you will be well-equipped to work for prestigious, internationally recognized companies such as Vanguard and Enterprise, and you will gain a significant advantage in a wide range of industries including advertising, communications, public relations, product and brand management, sales management, product development, market research and more. You will have the opportunity to study abroad and travel to locations like London and Rome as you learn to navigate the complex and changing environmental conditions in the global marketplace.

The marketing concentration at Philadelphia University provides the dynamic, multidisciplinary training that top firms seek. You will learn to analyze demand and market segments, design budgets and campaigns, increase a company’s brand equity, and formulate marketing plans from start to finish. The project-based, collaborative learning experiences in our curriculum prepare you to think across disciplines and compete in 21st century industries. You’ll acquire a comprehensive knowledge of consumer psychology and discover how new interactive technologies and e-commerce are changing the marketing practice, positioning yourself at the forefront of exciting new social media tools and strategies. Our students are well-prepared to obtain exciting positions and thrive in the industry upon graduation, and most acquire professional experience and networking opportunities as they study. 


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