Architectural Studies (Four-Year B.S.)

Checksheets are listed with each of the concentrations

Program Director: James Doerfler


Contemporary architecture encompasses a number of discrete, though intersecting, disciplines and requires individuals trained to fill a variety of roles beyond that of designer. To develop each student’s specific interest, the architectural studies program offers an array of concentrations, ranging from areas that are intrinsic to making and constructing buildings and environments, such as architectural design technology, to fields that support the rehabilitation and documentation of architecture and sites, such as historic preservation. After completing a foundation sequence of studio and technical courses, architectural studies students select an area of concentration as they begin the second or third year depending upon their area of interest. Through required courses, elective offerings, internship opportunities as well as study abroad options, the architectural studies program encourages each student to develop proficiency in the concentration appropriate to the B.S. level. For those students seeking graduate studies, the concentration furnishes the groundwork for master’s degrees in a number of fields, including architecture, construction management, sustainable design, historic preservation, urban planning, environmental art and real estate development.