French: Farida Ferradji

German: Siegfried E. Boettjer

Italian: Concetta (Titina) Caporale, Meriel Tulante

Japanese: Eiko Carr

Spanish: Carlos Gonzalez-Ferrin, Maria I. Peale


Contact Information:

Meriel Tulante, Assistant Professor of Italian Studies and Chair of World Languages
B.A. Cambridge University (French and Italian), Ph.D. Harvard University (Italian)
Email: tulantem@philau.edu

Siegfried E. Boettjer, Instructor of German
M. Ed. with concentration in Germam from West Chester State University
Email: boettjers@philau.edu

Concetta (Titina) Caporale, Instructor of Italian
Email: caporalec@philau.edu

Eiko Carr, Instructor of Japanese
M.Ed. in Foreign Language Education from Temple University     
Email: carre@philau.edu

Farida Ferradji,  Instructor of French.            
Email: ferradjif@philau.edu

Carlos Gonzalez-Ferrin, Instructor of Spanish
MA in Hispanic Studies from Villanova University
Email: gonzalezc@philau.edu

Maria Peale, Instructor of Spanish
Email: pealem@philau.edu