Appeal Procedures


Any student of Philadelphia University, who has followed the University's procedures for requesting accommodations and believes that he/she has been discriminated against based on a disability, should discuss the complaint with and submit written notice to the coordinator of Disability Services within ten working days of a disputed accommodation decision.

The appeal must include an explanation of the issues relevant to the dispute and the actions previously taken to resolve it. The coordinator will review the appeal and consult with appropriate parties in order to render a decision. A decision will be forwarded to the student within fifteen working days of receipt of a written appeal.

Should a student wish to appeal a complaint related to the outcome of the appeal, he/she should contact the Office of Academic Affairs at 215.951.2705.

Non-disability-related concerns should be addressed by following the procedure outlined in the Student Handbook for appealing adverse decisions.

Disability Services Office
ph: 215.951.6830
fax: 215.951.2770