All students should review fire safety guidelines included in the Student Handbook and familiarize themselves with important areas in University buildings, including exits, exit routes, rescue areas, stairways, elevators, and telephones.

Students who expect to need assistance during evacuations should discuss their needs with the coordinator of Disability Services each semester. The Disability Services Office will communicate specific needs with both the Department of Safety & Security and the Office of Residence Life.

Students who will need assistance leaving a building during an emergency are advised to identify in advance someone nearby who can assist them. They should discuss with that person a plan for leaving the building and informing emergency personnel of their presence and location. Students with hearing impairments who require visual alarms in residence halls should inform the coordinator of Disability Services of their needs as soon as they receive their room assignments.

Individuals are encouraged to identify two people to assist them in the event of an emergency. One person should be designated to leave the building and inform emergency personnel of the disabled student's location. The other person may stay with the disabled student until help arrives, so long as it is safe to do so. At Philadelphia University, the second officer on the scene of an emergency is responsible to attend to disabled students. The Fire Department is responsible to lift students, if necessary. Untrained persons should not attempt to lift people or wheelchairs down flights of stairs.

If students are unable to evacuate an academic building, they should proceed to the nearest stairwell and designate someone to inform emergency personnel of their location. In residential buildings, the building monitor will be informed of disabled students' room numbers. In the event of an emergency, students should proceed to the nearest emergency exit. If students are not able to access an emergency exit, they should proceed to the lobby for exit.

Disability Services Office
ph: 215.951.6830
fax: 215.951.2770