General Information


Philadelphia University's Disability Services Office is committed to providing an environment that ensures that no student is discriminated against on the basis of his/her disability in the full and equal enjoyment of services, activities, facilities, privileges, and/or accommodations available at the University. In particular, Philadelphia University recognizes its obligation to students with disabilities as outlined in applicable local, state and federal laws, including the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Philadelphia University students requesting accommodation on the basis of disability must submit adequate documentation of their disability and the need for the requested accommodation. Philadelphia University will act in good faith and in accord with the limitations of its resources to deliver all reasonable accommodations in a timely and appropriate manner, while maintaining congeniality to the extent practicable. Quailed persons may not, on the basis of disability, be denied participation in University programs and activities.

An accommodation generally is reasonable if it is based on documented individual needs, does not compromise the essential requirements of a course or program, does not pose a threat to personal or public safety, does not impose undue financial or administrative burden to the University, and is not of a personal nature.

Disability Services Office
ph: 215.951.6830
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