Disability Services


The Disability Services Office (DSO) was created to facilitate equal access opportunities to the education, programs, and activities of Philadelphia University for students with disabilities. We provide services and programs to students with physical impairments, as well as those with learning and psychological disabilities. The Disability Services Office is primarily an academic support services office that is available to eligible students enrolled at Philadelphia University.

This website provides general information regarding policies and procedures. Any questions or concerns regarding individual cases should be referred to the coordinator of Disability Services.

The programs and services of the Disability Services Office follow four main initiatives:

Accessibility: The Disability Services Office addresses accessibility in two general areas. First, the DSO works with the University's Physical Plant staff to help address issues of accessibility around the campus. Second, the DSO provides support services and accommodations to students with learning and psychological disabilities, as well as attention related disorders, so that all students have equal access to learning at the University.

Retention: The University acknowledges that students with disabilities may have specialized needs that can be addressed with targeted, retention-outreach activities. Identified students are monitored for academic progress and the office reaches out to these students at several key points in a semester. The goal of these contacts is to address any of the following needs: academic study skills, academic alerts, disability-related advising issues, and self-advocacy skills. Students are encouraged to utilize services; however, the office has no means to mandate that students do so. For many non-academic concerns, referrals will be made to other campus resources.

Awareness: The DSO provides outreach to students, faculty, and staff to familiarize them with the types of disabilities present in our student population and to engender a supportive attitude toward students with disabilities.

Technology Accessibility: The University places great emphasis on the utilization of technology in the classroom and for many campus functions. The Disability Services Office works to ensure that the technologies available to students and staff on campus are accessible to students with disabilities.

Disability Services Office
ph: 215.951.6830
fax: 215.951.2770
email: DisabilityServices@PhilaU.edu