Townhouses C, D and H are taking sustainability to the next level during the Eco-Challenge this fall! The townhouses are challenged to not only waste less and recycle more, but also find alternative ways to lessen their overall carbon footprint.

Meet the 2010 Townhouses:

Townhouse C:
Kyle Burke, Nick Germani, Kevin Giambri, Josh Greenberg and Martin Perkins

Townhouse D:
Danielle Cunha, Stephanie Estrada, Dominique Romola, Courtney Heffin Trayer and Samantha Wolfe

Townhouse H:
Christopher Anderson, Vladimir Anokhin, Michael Gottlieb, Michael Stankovitch and Joseph Wengloski

The Townhouses are monitored and receive points (three for first, two for second, one for third) in the following categories:

  • Electric (least kw wins)
  • Water (least cubic feet wins)
  • Recycling