Environmental and Conservation Biology
College of Science, Health & the Liberal Arts



The program emphasizes skills in development in plant field identification, Geographic Information Systems, chemical analysis, experimental design, and ecology.

Red bellied turtle

Co-ops, internships, research and field courses in marine conservation in Jamaica, wildlife management in Yellowstone National Park, and water quality sampling techniques in the Chesapeake Bay offer exciting opportunities for students to develop and apply their expertise.

Practical experience and skills are a large component of core major courses.


During the semester ECBIO students participate in many different projects in their courses as well as going on fun interactive field trips.

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Students have the opportunity to obtain internships for (or not for) credit both over the summer and during the semester. Generally students do not obtain semester internships until the third year of their studies. Professors are very helpful and send out announcements for any openings of which they are informed.


Students frequently participate in guided research projects, or as research assistants for a professor’s research.

To contact us, telephone Professor Anne Bower at 215.951.6803 or email bowera@philau.edu.