Student Activities: Family Day



Below, please find a list of frequently asked questions regarding Family Day. If you have any questions, email or call 215.951.2599.


Question: What is included in the "Tailgate Picnic"?
Answer: This year features the incredible BBQ of Tommy Gunns Catering which includes: pulled pork, brisket, chicken and grilled portabello. You can also enjoy cole slaw, corn salad, mac&cheese and cornbread. Also on site will be Chubby's Cheese Steaks and Hatfield Hot Dogs with an assortment of beverages and desserts to choose from.
Question: What is the "Family Brunch"?
Answer: It is the Saturday brunch served at the Ravenhill Dining Hall.
Question: Do I have to pay for my student to eat?
Answer: Students can use their meal plan for the brunch but not for "Family Day / Homecoming Picnic". You must include them in your count and payment when choosing the "Family Day / Homecoming Picnic". If a student has a meal plan and has guest meals available they can feel free to use them for brunch meals as well.

Can I register the day of of the event?

Answer: Yes, we do accept walk-in registration. Please notice that walk-in registrations will cost $20 per person for the "Family Day / Homecoming Picnic" and $15 per person for the "Family Brunch".
Question: Do I need to check-in?
Answer: Yes, tickets are required to get into both the "Family Brunch" and "Family Day / Homecoming" events. Tickets will also be issued to our registered participants in the "Philly Movie Experience Tour".
Question: What if I have a cancellation?
Answer: Any cancellations prior to Monday, September 24th will be reimbursed. Any cancellations after that date will not be reimbursed.
Question: What does my payment pay for?
Answer: Registration fees pay for your food and entertainment but also help offset costs of the overall event.



Family Brunch                 $10 / person

                                       $15/ person walk-in

Tailgate Picnic                 $15/ person

                                       $20/ person walk-in


Student Activities Office

Phone: 215.951.2744
Fax: 215.951.2615