Faculty Development and Support

On-going faculty development is vital to the success of the Information Literacy Project@PhilaU.  Facility and confidence in the use of available resources and electronic tools for teaching is necessary to help foster information literacy in our students. The staff of Gutman Library promotes a "train the trainer" approach. 

Assignment design is another integral aspect of the IL initiative. In their roles as information consultants to the various schools, the Gutman librarians regularly offer assistance to faculty with assignment design. Dolores Pfeuffer-Scherer, Interim Director of Writing Across the Curriculum, is also involved with helping faculty design clear, effective assignments. Finally, the staff of the Learning and Advising Center, as teaching and learning specialists, can provide expert help with assignment design.

To schedule a session, please contact the designated person.  
Small groups are encouraged, although sessions for individuals will also be conducted. 
Customized sessions not listed here can also be devised.

 Katie Gindlesparger - Director, Writing Program GindlespargerK@PhilaU.edu x2609
Karen Albert - Liaison to Science & Health AlbertK@PhilaU.edu x2847
Stan Gorski - Liaison to Graduate Programs GorskiS@PhilaU.edu x2581
Barbara Lowry - Liaison to Business and to Engineering Programs LowryB@PhilaU.edu x2842
Brynne Norton - Liaison to Architecture and to Design Programs NortonB@PhilaU.edu x2580
Jordana Shane - Liaison to Liberal Arts & Continuing Studies ShaneJ@PhilaU.edu x2629

Introduction to Library Resources and Services
- Jordana Shane
bulletNavigating the Library Website / Library Services and Policies
bulletOnline Databases Overview
bulletE-Journals & E-Books
bulletWhat's New @Gutman
bulletOther, per Faculty Consultation

Information Literacy - Jordana Shane
bulletWhat is Information Literacy?
bulletThe Seven Faces of Information Literacy in Higher Education
bulletInformation Literacy: Beyond the University and Into the Workplace
bulletOther, per Faculty Consultation

Aspects of Assignment Design - Katie Gindlesparger, various faculty workshops have been held on this topic

bulletFundamentals of Good Assignment Design 
bulletResource-Based Learning 
bulletIntegrating Information Literacy into Your Assignment
bulletAssessment: Selecting the Appropriate Measures and Instruments
bulletWriting Across the Curriculum
bulletOther, per Faculty Consultation


Information Resources Training Sessions

Architecture - Brynne Norton

bulletArchitecture, Architectural History and Art History Resources
bulletBooks, Journals and Web-Based Information
bulletFinding Images Online
bulletLocating and Obtaining Full-Text / Interlibrary Loan
bulletThesis Preparation
bulletOther, per Faculty Consultation

Business -   Barbara Lowry

bulletGeneral Business Resources @Gutman
bulletCompany & Industry Research
bulletFashion Apparel Management Research
bulletOther, per Faculty Consultation

Design -  Brynne Norton

bulletInterior, Industrial, Digital and Graphic Design Resources
bulletBooks, Journals and Web-Based Information
bulletFinding Images Online
bulletLocating and Obtaining Full-Text / Interlibrary Loan
bulletThesis Preparation
bulletOther, per Faculty Consultation


Fashion - Stan Gorski

bulletFashion Design and Designer Resources
bulletApparel Industry Research
bulletCostume History
bulletOther, per Faculty Consultation

Science, Health Sciences & Psychology - Karen Albert or Stan Gorski

bulletMedical, Nursing and Midwifery Resources
bulletFull-Text Medical and Science Journals Online
bulletPsychological Resources for Research
bulletResearch Design
bulletOther, per Faculty Consultation

Liberal Arts: Humanities and Social Sciences - Jordana Shane

bulletOnline Databases & E-Journals for General Studies
bulletOnline Searching Tips / Using Advanced Features of Online Resources
bulletInternet for Research & The Deep Web
bulletAssignment Design for College Studies
bulletOther, per Faculty Consultation

Textiles: Engineering and Design - Barbara Lowry, Stan Gorski

bulletApparel Industry Research
bulletTextiles and Materials Science Resources
bulletTextile History Resources & Special Collections Materials
bulletOther, per Faculty Consultation


In addition to the offerings listed here, Academic Affairs and OIR provide faculty development programs throughout the year, many of which have a direct relation to various aspects of information literacy. 
Please email Jordana Shane with any suggestions for faculty development programming you do not see listed here.


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