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NEWS Keep a look out WPHU, PhilaU's own radio station, is coming and Law & Society will be a big part of it! 

NEWS Law & Society to offer a new class on Employment Law. This class will focus on what  a new entrepreneur, whether a lawyer or any business owner, must know before they open their own practice or business.

phillyNEWS  Single Bullet Exhibition a huge success!!!  Exhibit Makes Front Page of the Philadelphia Inquirer  “Single Bullet” is an innovative exhibition by PhilaU students, faculty and staff that examines the assassination of President John F. Kennedy from different perspectives, including the official Warren Commission conclusion, championed by the late Sen. Arlen Specter, that one gunman–Lee Harvey Oswald–was responsible, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported Oct. 19. The story includes quotes from President Spinelli, faculty members David Kratzer, Evan Laine and Frank Baseman, architecture student Taylor Klemm and recent architecture graduate Ted Nicholas.

NEWS  Another great article on the SINGLE BULLET exhibition 

NEWS  Recently, Rue Landau, Esquire, the Executive Director of the Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations, was a guest lecturer in Law & Society’s Law & Gender class taught by Professor Barr. Ms. Landua raved about our students informing Prof  Barr that she had spoken with many groups of students and had not previously encountered a group of students as engaged as ours or who asked such perceptive questions.  Way to go !

NEWS   Be on the lookout for  the new Law & Society podcast called RIGHT SQUARED  hosted by student Andrew Schinksi. 

NEWS  Philadelphia Law & Society Students are now a part of The Pennnsylvania Innocence Project where we will be investiigating real criminal cases to help determine if  innocent persons have been wrongly convicted of  major crimes!  (For more info on the Innocence Project  We are very proud to be accepted as  part of this amazing organization!

Single Bullet exhibit opens 10/21!!!   

A multidisciplinary team of Philadelphia University students, faculty and staff conceived of, designed, fabricated and installed this timely exhibition to showcase Senator Arlen Specter’s seminal role in the Warren Commission investigation of the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The exhibition coincides with the 50th anniversary of the J.F.K. assassination and depicts Senator Arlen Specter’s (1930–2012) selection, participation, and unique contributions to the Warren Commission’s activities and final report, with special focus on the “single bullet theory or conclusion,” and associated long-term controversy.

This complex, collaborative, interdisciplinary year-long project included Architecture, Graphic Design Communication & Law and Society students 

NEWS   PhilaU  Law & Society grad and now Penn State Law School  Student Ben Jackson making waves!

NEWS Prof Hanes continues to make national news as the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is challenging his historic decision to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples in Montgomery County Pennsylvania.

GREAT NEWS!! (update!! read Mr. Willins'  review of the  SINGLE BULLET exhbitionHoward Willens, one of the few surviving Warren Commission staff, thinks the upcoming Specter Center JFK exhibit is “impressive,” and he’s agreed to be a presenter at the exhibit’s opening event- the evening of October 18, 2013.  This very exciting exhibit (co-written by Law & Society!)  called Single Bullet, focuses on  the critical  conclusions Senator Specter reached as an investigator  for the Warren Commission which examined  the assassination of President Kennedy 

hanesNEWS:  PhilaU Law  & Society Professor Bruce Hanes  makes  national news!!

Prof. Hanes, also Montgomery County's register of wills, announced his office would issue marriage licenses to gay couples. The move would defy a state law that has been in existence since 1996.Hanes cited specific sections within the Pennsylvania Constitution that he believes allow for the licenses to be issued:
“Three things really stuck out,” he said. “Article 1, section 1, a general statement on ‘hey we’re all free and equal individuals and entitled to certain rights and happiness.’ Then Section 26 of the same article gets a little more narrow, and it says, if it’s a civil right, nobody can discriminate against that person from exercising that civil right. And then Section 28, the final section, which sort of crosses the ‘t,’ dots the ‘i’ as far as I’m concerned, and that was ‘nobody can be discriminated against on the basis of sex.’”See Prof Hanes on the Rachel Maddow Show

Law & Society Program Director  Evan Laine, lectures at the National Law & Society Conference in Boston concerning his article "Modernity, Fear and 9/11 Conspiracy Theories, a Rational Attempt to Explain the Irrational"  In this lecture Prof.  Laine explains that  conspriacy theories are a product of fear and a strong desire to make sense of an irrational world. 

 Ground breaking last night for the Arlen Specter Center for Public Policy!  This Center will serve as a great educational tool for Law & Society students. In addition to inviting special lecturers of interest to our major, one of the many projects we intend to go forward with as part of the Center will be to issue public policy statements on local and national issues  based on student research and and particpation. These publications will give L&S students an oppertunity to have a prominent voice in politics!  Below is nationally known  columnist and political commentator Michael Smerconish dedicating the Center.

NEWS- Forensic Law will be joining the Law and Society group of Designated Law Electives starting spring 2014. According to Prof. Margiotti, "This course is intended to introduce students in the Law and Society Program, and others interested in the criminal justice, to the how evidence is discovered, vetted, analyzed with the ultimate goal of introducing it as evidence at trial."

NEWS- Law & Gender will be joining the Law and Society group of Designated Law Electives starting spring 2014 According to Prof. Barr,  "Law and Gender issues pervade American society. Families have been defined, and are being redefined by gender as courts and legislatures redefine marriage." This course will be of interest to all students  since  once in the labor market most graduates will encounter law and gender issues in their personal  and professional lives.

NEWS- Law & Society student and senior Daniel Arroyo recieved Philadelphia University's Student Life Achievement Award and an Academic Achievement Award for his accomplishments in Law & Society.

NEWS- Philadelphia University Moot Court Competition had its final in front of Federal District Court Judge Judith Wizmur in her Courtroom at the Federal Court House in Camden New Jersey.  After four previous rounds, Law & Society students Caroline Allen and MacKenzie Watt emerged as finalists. In a close fought argument centering on fourth amendment rights and the internet, MacKenzie was judged the winner. Congratulations to her and all the contestants who distinguished themselves. 

Law & Society Club officially sworn into the Professional Law Fraternity, Phi Alpha Delta.  

The purpose of this Fraternity shall be to form a strong bond uniting students and teachers of the law with members of the Bench and Bar in a fraternal fellowship designed to advance the ideals of liberty and equal justice under law; to stimulate excellence in scholarship; to inspire the virtues of compassion and courage; to foster integrity and professional competence; to promote the welfare of its members; and to encourage their moral, intellectual, and cultural advancement; so that each member may enjoy a lifetime of honorable professional and public service.

NEWS-Law an Society Director, Prof. Evan Laine invited to lecture at MENSA's national meeting and the national meeting of the Law and Society Association concerning his article Modernity, Fear and 9/11 Conspiracy Theories, a Rational Attempt to Explain the Irrational.

Law and Society student Mackenzie Watt, lectured at the national MENSA convention concerning her role in co-authoring the Single Bullet exhibition which will open in the Gutman library at Philadelphia University, October of 2013. This exhibition, sponsored by the Arlen Specter Ctr. for Public Policy, focuses on the late Sen. Specter's critical role in the Warren Commission and how he reached his single bullet theory which concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald was President Kennedy's sole assassin.