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Company Research - Screenshots Page

On this page you will find screenshots of databases used for company research

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Checking a company's public status

1. Hoover's Example

After you do your initial company name search on the name wal-mart and retrieve the basic profile. If a company is public it's stock exchange and ticker symbol will be displayed. Those without a symbol and usually piv

Find SIC or NAICS codes

On the page as above in Hoover's keep scrolling down the page to the area shown below.

You can see the numbers are clearly mored

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Hoover's Online

1. Competitive Landscape Report. To access the report, click on "competitive Landscape" from the menu below that is found on many pages in Hoovers (but you must first retrieve a company's record).

2. Here is what you will find in the Competitive Landscape report:

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ValueLine Research Center

1. Go to "look up company" or "look up industry" to begin. Find these on the main navigation menu on the left side of the screen.

2. Search the company:

3. Take note that there are PDF and HTML versions of the report (look at both).

4.. Examine the Commentary sections of the HTML report. (Note - only a small portion of the commentary is shown here)

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Business & Company Resource Center

1. Choose information by clicking on the tabs at the top of the page.


ABI/Inform - Use the Advanced Search To Limit To A Specific Publication

The screenshot below shows an example of using the advanced search to find articles about planning or strategy (note the use of the * to truncate these terms to pick up multiple variations, such as plan, planning, planned) from the Wall Street Journal. The arrow indicates where you change the search index to publication title in the dropbox.

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Lexis/Nexis Academic Universe

1. Business News

In step two, drop the box and select your news source; "business & finance" and "industry" are the two main choices. This will find articles from mostly business publications.


2. Transcripts from News Programs

This is still from the "business" area of AU. All we've done is change the category to News Transcripts and then selected "all transcripts" as the source. Also notice that we changed the search index for Sears to "headline". Without this change, the search retrieved more than 1,000 - which doesn't work in AU.


3. Disclosure Report

When you click on "company financial" in the "search forms" menu (on the left) you will get the template for Company Financial Reports. The Disclosure Report is the default source. One note of caution is to change the search time period from 6 months to 1 year. There is only one report for each public company - there are no historical reports - but each report does contain historic data.

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