Liane Miller, CNM, MS

Midwife Tutor
Midwifery Institute of Philadelphia University alumna

Liane Miller, CNM, MS

Liane began the journey to becoming a midwife in Canada, where she obtained her diploma in nursing in 1987. After many years of travelling with her military family, she latched onto an opportunity to train to become a midwife in the UK, completing the program in 2001. Upon return to the U.S.A, she became the first APO FEM (Advanced Placement Option/Foreign Educated Midwife) to enroll in the Institute of Midwifery's pilot program and in March of 2007 returned to become a tutor with the Institute. Liane currently works in a full-scope, collaborative OB/GYN/midwifery practice in Austin, Texas providing care to women & families. It is the first venture of its kind in central Texas and provides an additional service to the greater Austin area. Liane has two teenage sons, two middle-aged dogs and a neurotic cat, to keep things interesting. She finds great joy in knowing that she is doing what she was put on the earth to do!

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