Evan Goldman, PhD


Associate Professor of Biology, Physician Assistant Studies  

Post-doctoral training: Integrative Muscle Physiology University of Pennsylvania, 2004
Ph.D.- Physiology Temple University, 1998
M.Ed.- Physiology Temple University, 1996
B.A.- Chemistry Case Western Reserve University, 1991

Academic and Research Interests:
Academic: Development of integrative, interactive anatomical and physiological animations and promoting an academic program in Physical and Medical Science Animation 

Research: Physiological and biomechanical impacts of using sports and military gear, development of computer and video technologies within a human cadaver lab setting.

Teaching Experience:
Advanced Human Anatomy, Anatomy & Physiology, Biology, Integrative Design Process, Bioethics and Core Biology, Microbiology, Physiology, and Biology

Research Experience:

Post-doctoral research: Worked on development of a novel backpack capable of harvesting energy from human motion and converting it into electrical energy for powering portable electronic devices and also researched Anurans (frogs, toads), collecting physiological data on frog muscle physiology for the purpose of developing a computerized model for predicting evolutionary relationships and providing a way to answer physiological questions using a computer-aided integrative physiological approach.
Doctoral dissertation research: Examined the role of proto-oncogenes in pathological cardiac hypertrophy, examined the dose-response effects of phenylephrine (a2-agonist) on markers of pathological hypertrophy in adult rat ventricular myocytes and the dose-response effects of retinoic acid on reducing or curtailing these markers. 

Master’s research: Worked with a 3D motion-analysis software system (PEAK) to develop a validation study to test the PEAK system’s ability to analyze motions recorded during non-traditional filming conditions for evaluating sailing tactics on small Olympic dinghies.  Also worked on a project developing prosthetic lower limbs to determine the optimal mechanics and materials for prosthetics used for running and sprinting.

PA Program Courses Taught:

Advanced Human Anatomy A & B


Biographical Information:
For his Human Gross Anatomy and Anatomy & Physiology courses, Dr. Goldman has incorporated his interest in anatomic and physiologic animations by creating customized animations to help students understand some of the challenging concepts of anatomy and/or physiology. Many of these animations are created directly from actual MRI and CT scans.  He would like to develop a program in which students will gain knowledge of biological processes through basic core biology courses and then be further trained in the latest computer technologies available for illustrating and animating. Computer-generated animations are currently used within research, education, biomedical/pharmaceutical marketing and training, and entertainment industries. He has also presented his work nationally on the development of a unique computer and video technology interface within a human cadaver lab setting within the Advanced Human Anatomy course.

With Evan’s research, he evaluates the benefits and hazards of wearing sports compression clothing in terms of thermal load, proprioceptive changes, cardiovascular changes, and impacts on range of motion and mobility.  In the past he worked under a military grant developing a back pack able to harness energy from human motion and also help reduce the strain experienced by soldiers by dampening the peak forces to which soldiers are subject due to carrying heavy packs in the field.  He is currently am working with a team on development of the next-generation military body armor.  He runs the prototype testing to evaluate the thermal resistance, pressure points, peak and overall forces, protective coverage, maneuverability, and range of motion. Testing is done while subjects wear fully loaded body armor and perform exercises and maneuvers expected of a soldier in the field.

When not teaching or working on his research, Evan enjoys ultimate frisbee, sailboat racing, mountain biking, hiking, and camping.


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