Project: "Cue" Autism Connects, Design competition entry to raise awareness about Autism
Client: Autism Speaks and Coroflot
Designers: Joe Giuffrida, Lindsey Gorfman, Nicholas Kauffman, Vanessa Peterman, Sabrina Pfautz, Holly Ketner Tritt

This response to an online design competition sponsored by Coroflot was meant to raise awareness about Autism. Working as an interdisciplinary team, the six Digital/Interactive Design and Graphic Design students invented a social networking rating system where anyone along the Autistic spectrum could rate themselves according to a select number of personal sensitivities to environmental noise, traffic, lighting, cleanliness, temperature, and interactions. Inspired by the broad spectrum of environmental sensitivity, Cue is a simple personalized rating system developed to promote social networking within the Autistic community. Cue allows individuals to track and share their experiences at social venues in order to contribute towards a database of safe places. This easy to use resource provides Autistic consumers with trustworthy information based upon the honest opinions of like-minded individuals. The design system featured the design of mobile phone apps and a website for people within the network to stay connected.
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