• All academic programs will include and document components of experiential learning, which may include studio, labs, research, study abroad, fieldwork, short courses, internships, preceptorships and clinical rotations, and co-curricular programs with Student Life.
  • Globalize the campus and curriculum through enhanced use of study abroad, short courses, study tours, inter-session experiences, faculty exchange, international/intercultural campus events, global course content and recruitment of international students.
  • Strengthen professional, industry, and alumni connections to broaden the depth and breadth of internship, career and post-graduate opportunities available to students.
  • These relationships can be leveraged as a resource for clinical cases, guest lecturers, and adjunct faculty.
  • Expand the technological resources to support active pedagogy and a vibrant “24/7 virtual community” of students, faculty, student life personnel, staff, and alumni that promote optimal communication, life-long learning, career progression and personal growth.
  • Create a Center for Signature Learning that will promote, facilitate, and document the development of curriculum that is active, collaborative, real world and infused with liberal arts. Learning modalities should promote critical thinking and problem solving, and can include activities such as studio, problem-based research and hybrid formats. The Center will serve as a nexus for continuous faculty development, pedagogical experimentation, and research in the area of active integrative learning. The Center will facilitate the development, refinement, and dissemination of a distinguishing pedagogy for the University.


Strategic Plan eBook