Examples of University-wide collaborations

  • Lace Futures: A series of ongoing projects resulting in exhibits and installations around the "Lace" theme, involving the landscape architecture, textile-, interior-, fashion- and industrial design programs.

    For more information about Lace Futures, read the article in Volume 1 Number 2 of INNOVATOR magazine on page 10.

  • Corian-DuPont Project: Students collaborating on the creation of a workstation based on a program developed in the context of a specific interior architecture.

  • Propper Brothers Competition:
    SLA/SBA/D&M/E&T collaboration involving several classes/programs from the 4 schools. Students are assembled into interdisciplinary consultancies to deliver innovative product solutions and business plans for specific product categories in the furniture market. Primary contacts - Steve Frumkin and Mike Leonard. Faculty from collaborating courses include Marie Sheila McDonald, Fernando Tovia, JD Naidu, Marcia Weiss, Janet Brady, Sonja Borton, Hellene Bankowski and Ed Keidat

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